Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Salam alayk.
Lama x update semenjak raya korban tempoh hari.
Penat jgak jadi AJK Raya Korban PERUBATAN.... Apa-apa pun ikhlas kerana Allah.
Berkorban kerana Allah.

Boring2 update.
Kepada sapa2 nak beli motor Bajaj yang berkualiti lebih tinggi dari motor cina
bleh p beli d Maarad Saqa berhampiran murur Atabah.

Hari ni genap 12 hari motor baru aku.
Baru siap plat hari sabtu.
Nak buat plat motor selain motor cina yg pasang di mesir unik skit.
Kena p buat syahadah bayyinat, di 6 october city.
Ambil masa 3 jam perjalanan pergi dan balik.
Jangan risau, kedai motor tu tolong bawak ke sana. Ammu Muhammad yang baik hati, siap belanja minum.
The rest buat plat di Murur Attabah.

Motorku Bajaj Pulsar 180 - harga p tanya sendiri.... huhuh

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way,
Showed me the way x2
Insha Allah x3
Insya Allah we’ll find the way

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Da seminggu beli lcd monitor ni.
Brand Samsung model syncmaster2494HS
skrin 24' full HD
mula-mula cam pikir kenapa la aku beli bende ni?
tapi slps tu baru aku tau peranannya
banyak bende bleh dibuat. cth tgk bola ramai2. (hari ni kelate lwn n9)
bleh buat kelas, bljr tgk vid amr khaled; ala khutol habib hari isnin lps asar.
main pes2010 dgn alba
makin besar makin ramai. sila la dtg rumah
rumah sentiasa terbuka

n.b. that triangular speaker, Edifier e3350. 2weeks old
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Penyesalan pelajar medic tahun 3 sesi lepas 2008/2009

  1. menghabiskan banyak masa dengan internet
  2. tak belajar betul-betul
  3. banyak dengar muzik, tengok movie
  4. banyak bermain, kurang belajar, banyak buat dosa
  5. tak mampu beri tazkirah
  6. tak dapat hafal quran 30 juzu'
  7. langsung tak mengikuti kelas agama, tiada pengisian jiwa
  8. tak belajar bahasa arab masa summer
  9. banyak membazir duit
beberapa penyesalan yang dikongsi oleh rakan2 smart circle.
penyelesaian, sama2 wujudkan biah solehah yang boleh menggalak kita melakukan kebaikan
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Salam alayk.
It's been a while.
Well, i have started my 4th year at Cairo U.
Not really got up to my expectations after coming back from Malaysia.
The class schedule is really taxing me out... HAHAHA
Just 2 hours of lecture a day? What kind of medical school offering you this kind of leisure?
Well, it's my first round of clinical for this year which is Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.
But honestly, I'm not the same student as last year which is very very interesting enough to get me pumped up!
In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot lately. Is this year gonna stay like this forever?
If so, then hurray!
People have been saying that Cairo U 4th year is a time for honeymoon. Yeah its true.
But, by doing so, we might fell into a trap! Going to lectures without having the urge to do so, playing around aimlessly.
By continuing in this wonderland, we will be gone astray from what should we do as a medical student, soon we'll realize that there's nothing we could do once we !@@$5 up big time!

So, beware my friend. This is just the beginning. Use your free time wisely. Fill it up with good things. Don't just waste your time. The war has just begun! It is too early to signal the song of victory.
haja haja hwaiting
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Di sini saya dengan penuh ikhlas mengucapkan selamat hari raya eidil fitri.
maaf zahir dan batin.
moga-moga segala amal diterima Allah.
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Hari khamis 17/9/2009 last day of elective posting at HRPZ2 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Aku dan Faris dari Gen6 berjaya menghabiskan selama tiga minggu di sana.
Mula2 posting d wad medical, tp boring p la jalan2 ke wad surgical. hehe
Kebetulan ade kak mazrah d wad 30. so kitorang tagged along with her, bljr cara amik blood, psg branula, observe chest tube insertion dll...
masuk OT dgn Mr Ahmad, Mr Zaidi hari Rabu. mase kt OT kitorang tgk a new technique for correction of recto anal fistula called LIFT... x igt ape name pjg dia. On the same day, Mr Ahmad who is a colorectal surgeon buat 1 major surgery, 3 in 1; proctocolectomy, ileal pouch anal anastomosis, defunctional ileum. Sakit pinggang berdiri lame2. operation berlangsung selama 7 jam! tp kitorang kuar awal, lps da buang semua colon.
sekali je masuk OT. malas da nk masuk.
hari2 biasa just ikut ward round. hari Ahad ade grand ground, kitorang follow Mr Othman. round ward 3 tingkat. lebey kurang 3 jam jgak, aiseh mcm mane la Dr2 ni bleh berdiri lame2.
Di wad medical suasana x semeriah d surgical. mungkin sbb HO semua sibuk and under a lot of stress. sbb medical ni mcm satu tmpt yg smua jenis patient bleh masuk. kitorang observe camana insertion of peritoneal dialysis. camne nk interpret lab result, ABG,VBG,ECG,IO aiseh... byk giler abbreviation yg x phm. TOF = fallot's... huhu.
So, overall result of posting byk yg kene bljr and practice... da nak masuk tahun clinical kene la rajin p hospital attach kt doktor.
Anyway, learning is fun actually. But working as an HO (hamba orang) is a nightmare.. huhu

Thanks a lot for all the staff members of HRPZ2. Hopefully aku jgak akan jd dr yg mantap.
In sya Allah
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Salamullah alayk.
Sorry for not updating. P merantau. Ha tajuk tu.. melbourne is one of my destination.
Actually, I wasnt planning to even go there. But, as soon as I saw AirAsia promotion, me and ayah din quickly booked it. The ticket fare? Can you believe it? Only RM684.00 return from Kuala Lumpur. An irresistable offer which we could not let it go.

So, our we took off with our flight on 4th of August 2009, 1.30pm. , flight number d2722 airasia x. It took around 8 hours to arrive in Melbourne international airport.
My first impression upon arrival is wow!. Imagine having your bag checked thoroughly and interrogated for at least 20 minutes why did I come to Australia? What the? I come in peace~ haha
Fortunately I can get through the immigration without any trouble. I soon realized that because our flight is the last one that night we arrived, so they can easily use their time to interrogate us. What a night it was. Later, we went to surau at the airport and had a sleep waiting for Subuh.

After that, we took a bus (Skybus) towards the city centre, fare $16 oneway or $26 return for adult. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at the city centre. The weather in the mornig was very cold, as it chilled right through the bone. Just kidding. Yeah, it's pretty cold at 5 centigrade.

The first thing we were looking was a place to stay. As the hotel is quite expensive we decided to stay at backpackers' hostel. The place of our choice was King Street Backpackers. There are many rates available. We opted to choose for 4 people per room. $28 per person for one night. We stayed there for two nights. So, a total fee of $112. Quite affordable I think. We checked in at about 10 in the morning. Later, I just slept until zohor.

After zohor, we went out travelling the city by foot. The weather was quite fair, not very cold.
Round and round sightseeing. I was rather shocked by the cleanliness of the city... huhu. sorry egypt. But, seriously we need to make up our mentality on this one.
Got lazy to write. See it to belive it. Pictures.

After that, got hungry. Well, after spending a day walking. It's quite difficult at first to find halal food. But, there is a street where you can find it there, I forgot. Among them are Es Teller, Nelayan, Kebab, Zam Zam. Mainly asian food. You can eat Nasi Pecel for $8.50. Delicious~
At night, sleep sleep and sleep...

I woke up for Subuh. Playing my PSP finishing Resistance : Retribution game. Then, went breakfast down below for free. After zohor again, as It's easier to pray at the hostel rather going out, went out walking to other part of the city. The Market. Yeah, here are the heaven for us tourist to buy things cheaply. A shirt for $5, keychain for $2 a dozen and many more. Got a kangaroo and koala bear for $10.

Then, we spent the day sightseeing, then waiting for someone at night. Yeah. The whole purpose of our trip, meeting with Rajaie, my brother-in-law's brother. He is studying at Monash University, just like me, studying Medicine. As this is his last year here, we want to pay him a nice and welcome visit. huhu...

He brought us with his Honda Jazz to the place where Monash U is situated. There are many campuses, as for medicine it is situated at Clayton campus. Before visiting the campus we ate nasi beriyani at some mamak restaurant there.
After touring at the campus we went back to the hostel and sleep...

Our last day at melbourne. After breakfast, we need to check out at 10 in the morning. We went out early, walking to our last part of the town centre. After this we had conquered all melbourne city centre yeah! So, today is Friday. Luckily we met an Indian guy who is a Muslim, guiding us to a specific place to perform Friday prayers. It was held at an open area at RMIT main campus.
It's rather fascinating to see all muslims across the city gathering at such place.

After that, we spent the day wandering around. When night falls, we waited at the hostel for Rajaie to come pick us up to the airport. Luckily, we can put our bag at the hostel without any charge. Very thoughtful. I recommend this hostel if you want to have a stay at melbourne.

And then, we parted with Rajaie at the airport and went back to Kuala Lumpur, our flight departed at 12.30 at midnight. What a journey that was!

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

25 julai 2009.
Aku keluar rumah seawal 6.30 pagi bersama Ayah Din ke Kampung Pauh Lima, area dekat2 dgn Bachok. Kami pergi ke sana dengan hajat yang besar; sembelih biri-biri~ dengan bantuan Ust Mad tantawi, yg balik cuti bersama.
Kami sampai di rumah ust mad utk mengambil beliau. Seterusnya pergi ke rumah 'Pok Li' tuan punya biri-biri itu. Ust mad la yang tolong cari biri2 itu, kebetulan dekat je rumah dia dgn rumah pok li. So, tak banyak masalah untuk urusan jual beli.
Selesai semua urusan akad jual beli, acara sembelih mula pada pukul 7.30 pagi. Ust mad yang sembelih, aku dan ayah din tolong pegang biri2.
Selepas itu, mula la 'menyiang' kulit biri2. Pisau dan golok pok li yang tajam memudahkan urusan menyiang biri2.
Lebih kurang 2 jam lepas tu, selesai la urusan sembelihan yang dilakukan di rumah pok li (nak balik kota bharu susah plak nk sembelih). Ada sungai, basuh perut biri2 amatlah senang. Bestnye hidup di kampung. tenang~ haha

Sebelah malam plak, ade sedikit majlis kenduri arwah di rumah nenekku, bersebelahan masjid al-muttaqin. Jemaah masjid dijemput menjayakan majlis, dan bersantap selepasnya. Banyak makan plak...hoho
Majlis seumpama ini amatlah bermakna kerana bagiku ia dapat merapatkan hubungan sillaturrahim di antara penduduk setempat di samping kita memperingati jasa-jasa yang dicurahkan oleh arwah tok ayah. Moga2 tok ayah berada di samping hamba2 Allah yang berjaya di syurga. amin...
Juga sebagai peringatan bagiku bahawa hidup ini ada tujuannya. Kita datang dan pergi d bumi ini sebagai khalifah Allah membawa rahmat ke seluruh alam dengan sinar Islam.
Banyak lagi perkara yang perlu aku tingkatkan untuk mencapai derjat itu..
Ya Allah, pandulah hamba-Mu ini...............

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Pada tanggal 18 Julai 2009, lebih kurang pukul 10.20 pagi, maka telah sahlah ikatan nikah antara memberku Izamil dengan pasangan hidupnya Aqilah. Mabruk~
Kedua-dua pengantin merupakan pelajar tahun 3 Kasr al Aini Medical School, Cairo University bagi sesi 2008/2009.
Classmate aku dah kahwin~ tahniah, tahniah, tahniah.
Bermulalah pelayaran bahtera rumahtangga antara mereka. Bahtera penyelamat yang diredhai Allah. Melahirkan zuriat-zuriat yang soleh dan musleh agar Islam kembali tertegak di dunia ini.
Moga bahagia hingga ke syurga bertemu Allah di sana nanti. Ameen.

Beberapa gambar ketika majlis:

Bila giliran aku? Habis belajar di Mesir dulu la jawabnya. haha. Anyway, mabruk ya akhuya, Izamil!
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

I love eating chocolates. I also love drinking chocolate milk.
I just love indulging in chocolates.
The full sweetness and rich flavour are very unique. It's kinda soothing and relaxing
after consumption of chocolates.

Recent studies show that chocolate contains many chemical ingredients which affecting the brain. The most important is serotonin, a.k.a 'hormone of happiness'.
Serotonin acts as anti-depressant in the brain. Depletion of serotonin will render a person in a depressed state. There are some anti-depressant drugs acting on the brain by selectively block serotonin receptor, increasing the amount of serotonin concentration in the brain.
A well-known selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), Fluoxetine (Prozac), given orally as an anti-depressant.

So, are chocolates anti-depressant?
Given by the facts they have serotonin in their constituents, I would say plausible.
The content of serotonin maybe not sufficient enough to alleviate a depressed person.
But, maybe if you feel a little bit lethargy, or mildly depressed e.g. exam or work stress, why not give it a chance by getting a bite of chocolates?

This is not a fully conducted experiment. It is just an opinion. hehe

But for now, I'm as lively as always! And I love chocolates!

p/s: do not eat chocolates in large amounts considering it to give you high amount of serotonin. it's just doesnt work that way. have a break, have a kit kat! that's what they said....

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Salam alayk
Lama benar x update blog. Exam da lama habis, 27/6 baru ni.
So many things happened.
From Ammar's, Oral exam, Visit Aman n Eckm, then balik Malaysia.
Really hopeful for Eckm to be back with us very soon. Allah yashfihu.
Da sampai Malaysia, weee... Arrival on 4/7. Skrg d Ampang Boulevard, rumah kakakku n abg wan.
Keesokannya p mandi kolam ngan saudara belah abg wan.
Tak de banyak aktiviti lepas tu. Nak keluar jalan2 KL tak berani, takut sesat... haha. Aku buta arah sebenarnya. Tak tau sangat jalan2 d KL. Ade GPS kan best.

Anyway, masa dibuang habiskan by watching You Are My Destiny. isk isk isk
Pengajaran daripada cerita, luangkan masa dengan famili sebaik mungkin dan jaga adab2 tatasusila kita dengan orang tua sebab kita tidak tahu bila nikmat hidup yang diberi Allah akan ditarik bila2 masa sahaja.
Tidak baik menipu. Kadang2 kita fikir menipu lebih baik, tapi sebenarnya banyak keburukannya hingga menyebabkan kita sendiri yang rugi. Kisah Subin yang melepas jejaka idaman. haha
Satu lagi, sebelum kahwin, kena ada perancangan dari segi anak dan kewangan. Kesian anak2 ditinggalkan semata2 kesempitan hidup. Kasih sayang ibubapa tidak terrnilai oleh wang. ecece bait muslim~

One last thing, harap2 ade prog yg dapat diisi di kala masa lapang ni. Aku mati kebosanan. ahaha
Sape yg ade di Malaysia, ade rancangan menarik jangan lupa ajak aku.
Okeh. Lain kali plak update kalau rajin.

p/s: still berdoa agar Aman dan Eckm kembali semula seperti biasa.... ameen
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Lirik & Lagu: Aphique
Vokal: Copuk
Susunan & Suntingan Video: HafizAdam
Video Asal: Ikmal, HafizAdam
Gambar: Ahli Beit Ammar & Anas
Penerbit: Gen6 Mdcairo
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Aku mula kenal insan bernama Ammar ketika darjah 4 di SRI Aman.
Aku dan dia tidaklah seberapa rapat sangat, tapi bolehlah dikatakan berkawan.
Aku sempat menghabiskan masa bersamanya sehingga darjah 6.
Banyak peristiwa yang berlaku. Yang tidak dapat kulupakan ialah ketika darjah 6.
Waktu tu, lepas kelas tuisyen petang di sekolah. Si Ammar naik atas bumbung sekolah, untuk mengambil angin. Tak semena-mena bumbung pecah, dan dia terperosok jatuh ke bawah. Nasib baik, dia sempat berpegang di bumbung. Aku yang memerhati dari jauh, lega dia tidak apa2.

Hari demi hari berlalu. Lepas keluar result UPSR, Ammar mendapat 5A. Aku hanya 4A. Tahniah. Memang dia mantap, lagi2 ketua pelajar. Sejak itu, kami mula berjauhan. Ammar pergi ke MATRI, aku ke SMI Aman.
Tak banyak berita yg aku tau mengenai Ammar, tapi kami masih menghubungi jika ada apa2 program atau berita.

Masa berlalu dengan pantas. Habis je SPM, aku dapat pergi ke Mesir. Takdir Allah, Ammar pun dapat pergi Mesir jugak. Aku betul2 gembira dapat berjumpa dengan dia. Lama benar berjauhan, Allah temukan untuk menggagas tugas berat melanjutkan pengajian di Mesir.

Dipendekkan cerita, susah ar nak cerita jiwa masih sebak.
Aku dan Ammar masuk tahun ketiga di Kasr el Aini Medical School. Ammar dilantik menjadi ketua Gen6. Jiwanya sebagai seorang pemimpin begitu terserlah. Tanggungjawab yang diberikan, dia galas dengan penuh amanah dan bersungguh-sungguh. Seorang yang peramah, kawan2 pun senang. Kadang2 buat lawak tp takde la keterlaluan.

Masing-masing sibuk bersedia untuk periksa akhir tahun. Aku sempat melawat dia di malikus soleh, seminggu sebelum exam patho. Entah kenapa aku tergerak untuk ke sana di kesibukan exam. Kami tidak berbual panjang, sempat bertukar2 kata semangat untuk belajar saja.

Akhirnya, Rabu 10/6/2009, periksa kertas terakhir pharmacology. Aku dapat menjawab dengan gembira, (sbb yg lain hampeh, huhu). Aku sempat menjeling ke arah Ammar dan melemparkan senyuman ke arahnya. Ammar tetap dengan muka seriusnya. Ammar siap awal dan keluar awal dari dewan exam. Aku ingin menghabiskan masa di dewan walaupun da siap sejam awal. Entah kenapa aku tak pergi keluar bersama Ammar. Habis je exam, seperti biasa aku menghabiskan masa di depan laptop menghilangkan tension.
Dalam ketenangan itu, aku dikejutkan dengan berita kemalangan kawan2 yang pergi ke ain sukhnah. Aku tau ada yang pergi sbb ada jemputan utk pergi ke sana. Tapi aku tak pergi. Berita tu aku dapat selepas solat maghrib drpd Yusri. Aku mulai gelisah. Aku menunggu dengan penuh cemas tentang keadaan mereka. Aku juga baru tau mereka yg pergi ialah Ammar, Akram, Aman, Saif dan Otai. Dengar khabar kesemua masih stabil. Aku lega.
Akan tetapi, aku terkejut bukan kepalang bila Najib Saleh call, mengatakan Ammar meninggal!
Aku ulang lg bertanyakan apa??! Ammar meninggal? Ketika itulah aku berasakan badan ini berat. Allah!! Benarkah? Bukankah mereka masih stabil?
Sepanjang malam, aku tidak tidur. Sempat melakukan solat hajat agar mereka semua selamat. Tapi berita Ammar meninggal memang aku tidak dapat ku terima. Aku dapat berita Aman dan Akram, Otai sampai di Hospital Fransawi, Kasr el Aini pada pukul 2.30 pagi. Aku dan rakan2 bergegas ke sana. Menunggu dan melihat keadaan mereka. Ammar masih belum tiba. Dia diuruskan di hospital Suez. Ketika itu, bermain di fikiranku, inikah pekerjaan seorang doktor? Melihat nyawa di ambang maut? Setiap hari akan bertemu keadaan pesakit begini? Aku mengucap panjang, Ya Allah berilahku kekuatan...

Subuh berlalu dengan cepat. Pukul 7 pagi diberitakan jenazah Ammar telah tiba di Hospital Zahra', Abbasiyah untuk urusan dimandikan dan dikafankan. Aku tidak pergi ke sana. Terasa berat untuk aku melihat keadaan mayat kawanku. Tak sanggup. Kepala mula pening, aku balik tidur.
Aku bangun pukul 12 tgh hari dan bergegas ke Dewan Malaysia Abbasiyah. Selepas solat Zohor, kami beramai2 bersama pegawai2 kedutaan Malaysia, ustaz2 melakukan solat jenazah ke atas Ammar. Hari yang dilalui terasa amat panjang. Ketika itu, perasaan pilu menyelubungi segenap alam, orang x sesibuk macam biasa seolah-olah mengucapkan takziah dan selamat tinggal kepada Ammar. Ammar.
Terasa macam semalam kita bertemu. Tapi, kau telah pergi dulu meninggalkan kami. Moga2 kami mempunyai kekuatan untuk meneruskan perjuangan suci ini... Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ilaihi Raji'uun...
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Semalam aku kelukaan,
kecewa kehampaan,
mencalar ketabahan,
mimpi yang sering ku harapkan,
menjadi kenyataan,
namun tak kesampaian.

Inginku hentikan langkah ini,
bagaikan tak mampu untuk ku bertahan,
semangat tenggelam,
lemah daya,
haruskah aku mengalah,
namun jiwaku berbisik,
inilah dugaan.

Dan langkahku kini terbuka,
pada hikmah dugaan,
uji keimanan (menguji keimanan),
tak dilontarkanNya ujian,
di luar kekuatan,
setiap diri insan.

Pimpinlah diriku,
tuk bangkit semula,
meneruskan langkah,
perjuangan ini,
cekalkan hati dan semangatku,
kurniakan ketabahan,
agar mimpi jadi nyata,
padaMu ku meminta.

Daku mohon agung kudratMu,
wahai Tuhan yang satu,
segalanya dariMu.

Lagu : Bazli
Lirik : Bazli & Atie
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

    What a day today was
    I think about it along the road home
    There’re sad and painful moments,
    But the fun moments outnumber them
    All of my family and friends
    I don’t want to worry them
    I have to force myself to tell a few lies with a smile
    Stop taking things upon yourself…

    Feeling the direction of the seasonal wind
    And watching out for flowers at your feet
    With a small encounter
    If you can be a little grateful,
    We can be happy

    Are you watching the sky as the sun sets?
    The time passes
    Doesn’t’ that body seem beautiful?
    Yes! The day as it is ends
    And a night that resets everything comes
    You hurry along the road home alone
    Why is it
    That you don’t praise yourself?
    Hey, let’s look up like we should
    You’re alive in your own way

    Human relations are troublesome,
    But we can’t go on living alone
    Because everyone is a weak creature,
    We’re supporting each other
    As for the time being, I have a difficulty saying things
    I may step on someone’s foot
    And I can be misunderstood
    There various other issues, too
    But I’m always full of hope

    Are you watching the sky as the sun sets?
    The time now is something we receive
    I’ll teach you how to make progress
    Whatever you may have lost,
    One day for sure it’ll come back into your hands
    It gets a little dark around here
    The night is painted with stars that look like dotted-lines
    Hey, until tomorrow comes as it should
    You watch a dream in your own way

    Are you watching the sky as the sun sets?
    The time passes
    Doesn’t’ that body seem beautiful?
    Yes! The day as it is ends
    And a night that resets everything comes
    You hurry along the road home alone
    Why is it
    That you don’t praise yourself?
    Hey, let’s look up like we should
    You’re alive in your own way

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Salamullah alayk.
Lama dah tak update blog.
Sibuk ngan majlis perkahwinan kakanda saya, Aaishah(panggil Kak E).
Alf mabruk~
Baru je balik ke Mesir semula, siap sedia untuk exam final pula. haih~
Anyway, just nak kongsi gambar ngan pengantin n video yang saya buat khas utk abg iparku safuan n kakanda Kak E, enjoy~

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Pada circle yang lepas, kami telah mengkaji sebuah penyakit yang bernama hedonisme. Hasil perbincangan ringkas kami telah disimpulkan seperti berikut:

Sebab (predisposing factors):

1. Diri
  • ada duit (mewah)
  • banyak masa terluang
  • nafsu yang tidak terkawal
  • syaitan yang menghasut
  • pengaruh media
  • kurang ilmu
  • tidak mencari ilmu
2. Masyarakat
  • kurang amar makruf, nahi mungkar
  • berjiwa materialistik
  • ukhuwwah tidak kuat
3. Negara
  • tiada perlaksanaan syariat Islam , hudud, takzir dll.
  • tiada undang-undang negara yang spesifik
4. Dunia
  • dikawal oleh barat
  • manusia yang tiada matlamat jelas
Rawatan (treatment):
  1. Muahadah (mengenal pasti ubat dan penyakit)
  2. Mujahadah (berusaha sedaya upaya melawan penyakit)
  3. Taubah (kembali kepada penawar agung, Allah)
Pencegahan (prevention):
  1. rujuk al-quran dan sunnah
  2. wirid (ayat yang diulang-ulang)
  3. zikir
  4. selawat
  5. dakwah

Kesimpulan daripada kajian ini, kita hendaklah sedar bahawa penyakit hedonisme ini kalau tidak dirawat dan dicegah, boleh menjadi malignant dan memberi kesan yang buruk kepada kita sendiri (baca azab Allah).
Setiap daripada kita hendaklah mempunyai panduan kesihatan ini bagi bersedia dalam menghapuskan penyakit hedonisme yang kini makin merebak di seluruh dunia (pandemic).

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Lirik :

Tai you ga nishi no, tai you ga nishi no, suiheiseng ni sizunda toki 2x
Watashi wa jibun no sitekita koto hitotsu-hitotsu o omoi dasitemita

Reff :
Kamisama, yoruga otozureta toki
Kamisama, tai you ga sizumu to doujini
Jibun ga nandomo kurikaesitekita ayamichi o kuyande
Noitemo douka oyurushi kudasai

Terjemahan :

Ketika matahari terbenam
di ufuk barat

Ku mencoba mengingat satu-persatu
Apa yang telah kuperbuat hingga kini

Tuhan, ketika malam tiba
Tuhan, bersamaan dengan tenggelamnya mentari
Aku menangis menyesali dosa-dosa
Yang telah berulangkali kuperbuat
Maka ampunilah aku..
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Pada 13/3/2009, bersamaan hari jumaat, ana join Hari Kesenian dan Kebudayaan ISMA (HK2).
Ana kumpulan wau bulan, nak kongsi sedikit video persembahan nasyid kumpulan kami. Tanpa disangka kami menang tempat kedua. Alhamdulillah.... Terimalah - Dozo~

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Smart circle yang lepas, abg israq telah melontarkan satu soalan yang agak menyentuh jiwa yang tandus. Hasil perbincangan daripada setiap ahli membuahkan hasil seperti di bawah:

  1. aku membuat baik dengan ibu bapa
  2. aku membaca al-ma'thurat
  3. aku berusaha menyambung usaha dakwahmu
  4. aku menjaga kesihatanku
  5. aku cuba sedaya-upayaku untuk memberi kesenangan kepada orang lain
  6. aku cintakan Allah dan terasa amat takut untuk kehilangan iman dan Islam
  7. aku sekarang berada di majlis ilmu
  8. setiap hari aku akan memastikan aku berselawat ke atasmu
  9. aku amal solat jemaah, sunat rawatib, puasa sunat
  10. aku tinggal perkara yang tidak penting - lagu, movie yang lagho
  11. aku cuba menanam minat dalam bacaan al-quran
  12. aku sedang berusaha dakwah kepada keluarga dan adik-beradik
  13. aku cinta padamu ya rasulullah
  14. aku suka berkata dengan kata-kata yang baik
  15. aku sedih dengan kelemahan diri yang tidak mampu menolong palestin
  16. aku mencuba untuk menghafal al-quran
  17. aku tidak kurang upaya i.e. mampu untuk untuk berjuang
  18. aku boleh nangis kalau baca sirahmu
  19. aku sedih kalau orang hinamu
  20. aku telah ke makammu dan bersolat di masjidmu
  21. aku sambung perjuanganmu
  22. aku datang ke smart circle untuk ajak adik2 ku mencintaimu
  23. aku dan sahabat2ku belajar dan mengajar al-quran
  24. aku suka merapatkan silaturrahim
  25. aku suka mengaji al-quran
  26. aku berusaha mengenalimu
itu sahaja luahan hati yang dapat dikumpulkan. moga-moga kita dapat koreksi diri dan cuba untuk mengenal rasulullah dan mengamalkan sunnah baginda, lebih2 lagi sunnah yang paling besar yakni sunnah berdakwah~

allahumma solli ala Muhammad
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Near the classroom window
Is a carefree, sunny spot
Very little time is left on the spring calendar

During class, if I look around
Though wearing the same school uniform,
All of my classmates
Look like adults

With each person’s own future
We start our trip
On each of our backs
Sprout wings
Of our dreams

Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
Somewhere hope’s bell resounds
With the freedom of tomorrow,
We’re given courage
Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
Somewhere someone is praying
The door to a new world
We open with our own hands

There were times when we fought,
Called each other, and cried
Why do those troubled days
Feel so nostalgic?

During the happy or sad times
If we turned back in the distance,
No matter when
We were never alone

In the middle of our graduation picture,
I smile
The passing season wants to send us off

The petals of these tears go pitter-patter
On these cheeks they come out, flow, and fall
As we look up to the blue sky
And breathe in deeply
The petals of these tears go pitter-patter
Memories of that part make me happy
The stairs to adulthood before our eyes
Together we climb and wave our hands

Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
Somewhere hope’s bell resounds
With the freedom of tomorrow,
We are given courage
Each time the cherry blossom petals bloom,
Somewhere someone is praying
The door to a new world
We open with our own hands

The petals of our tears go pitter-patter
Onto these cheeks they come out, flow, and fall
As we look up to the blue sky
And breathe in deeply
The petals of our tears go pitter-patter
The memory of that part makes me happy
The stairs to adulthood before our eyes
Together we climb and wave our hands

ref: http://stage48.net/studio48/sakuranohanabiratachi2008.html

Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Selepas itu, kami pergi melawat Empangan Tinggi (High Dam). Empangan ini merupakan nadi kepada janakuasa eletrik Mesir. Dikatakan bahawa jika empangan ini pecah, nescaya akan tenggelamlah bandar Kaherah yang berhampiran Lembah Nil. Ia memisahkan Tasik Nasser dengan Sungai Nil. Projek pembinaan empangan tersebut adalah antara kerjasama Mesir dengan kerajaan Soviet Union ketika itu, tahun 1960 mula pembinaan, siap pada tahun 1971. Dianggarkan seramai 20,000 orang telah mati dalam pembinaan empangan ini.
Mesir ni kaye sebnrnya, slps perjanjian untuk nationalization of Suez Canal, oleh presiden Gamal Nasser ketika itu. Tp, kesian rakyat diorang x terbela.....

And then, kami bertolak ke Luxor yang jauhnya 3 jam perjalanan dengan bas dari Aswan.
Tiba di hotel New Pola yang lawa skit dari Paradise Hotel di Aswan.

The next day, we went to the Valley of The Kings.
Necropolis. A graveyard for the royal family. Just got a snap of this model of all the tomb present inside this mountain. Why this necropolis situated far away from the city? Because to hide all the treasures from the tomb raider of course. Also, the hot weather helps in preserving the mummies of the kings. There are many tombs here. But the best condition of tomb belongs to King Tut Ankh Amun. Sadly, have to pay another 100LE to get inside it, and see the tomb. What a rip-off!
Well, they got their reasons. For me, it's not worth it, because you cannot take pictures inside the tomb and it is just an empty space with a sarcophagus(rock covering of the coffin).

Then, we went to "hot chicken soup temple" a.k.a Hatshepsut Temple. Nothing special here because of restoration which takes ages to be completed. But, interestingly this temple was built by 'King' Hatshepsut who was a woman! The statue itself revealed that it bore appearances of a woman. People can be easily deceived... if we do not use our brain. So, step up my friend.
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Trip to Luxor, Aswan, Abo Simbel - part 1-

Cuti musim panas aku dan rakan2 mesir + 9 org dari jordan pergi melawat
kawasan tinggalan sejarah mesir purba di Luxor, Aswan dan Abo Simbel.
Kami bertolak dari stesen keretapi Giza menuju ke Aswan pd 31/1/2009.
Just nak kongsi beberapa gambar untuk main events sepanjang trip ini.

Setibanya di Aswan, kami terus menuju ke tempat di mana terletaknya 'Obelisk' yang belum siap. Ia ditinggalkan begitu sahaja selepas terdapat keretakan terhadap struktur batunya.
Dianggarkan bahawa jika Obelisk ini siap, ianya merupakan Obelisk terbesar dan terberat dalam sejarah.
iktibar: nak buat besar2 tapi tak bajet bleh pecah plak sbb batu tu x dpt nk tampung the massive weight. lemahnya manusia.

After that, we went to Philae Temple (elephant temple) situated on an island. Got there by a boat. This temple actually had been excavated from its original site (already sunked under Lake Naser). Many temples laready sunked underneath Lake Naser nowadays. But Egyptian government wanted to preserve this temple and there it is standing on an artificially constructed island. According to the myth, this temple is dedicated to Iris. Cannot remember the full details because it is full of bulshit. Humans acting like God? How pathetic. They cannot do anything to stop Allah's will to sink their temple.

2nd day, We woke up early, at 2.30am. Then we went to Abo Simbel 3hours journey from Aswan by bus. Here we could find the Abo Simbel temple. A big one and another smaller one. This is the picture of the big one. It was built by
Ramses II in order to deify him as God and ruler of Egypt during his time. He ruled Egypt for 67 years. This temple also had been excavated from its original site which is now sunked under Lake Naser. 4 statues at the facaet of the temple represent Ramses II himself, as 4 stages of life, from young to old. It is funny though, how someone who claimed to be God but finaly died because of old age... wakakaka

to be continued...
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Hari ni aku dapat preset after efffect dari dinmat.
Nak bljr rajin2 jd pandai mcm eckm19....
wish me luck