Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Penyesalan pelajar medic tahun 3 sesi lepas 2008/2009

  1. menghabiskan banyak masa dengan internet
  2. tak belajar betul-betul
  3. banyak dengar muzik, tengok movie
  4. banyak bermain, kurang belajar, banyak buat dosa
  5. tak mampu beri tazkirah
  6. tak dapat hafal quran 30 juzu'
  7. langsung tak mengikuti kelas agama, tiada pengisian jiwa
  8. tak belajar bahasa arab masa summer
  9. banyak membazir duit
beberapa penyesalan yang dikongsi oleh rakan2 smart circle.
penyelesaian, sama2 wujudkan biah solehah yang boleh menggalak kita melakukan kebaikan
Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian
Salam alayk.
It's been a while.
Well, i have started my 4th year at Cairo U.
Not really got up to my expectations after coming back from Malaysia.
The class schedule is really taxing me out... HAHAHA
Just 2 hours of lecture a day? What kind of medical school offering you this kind of leisure?
Well, it's my first round of clinical for this year which is Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.
But honestly, I'm not the same student as last year which is very very interesting enough to get me pumped up!
In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot lately. Is this year gonna stay like this forever?
If so, then hurray!
People have been saying that Cairo U 4th year is a time for honeymoon. Yeah its true.
But, by doing so, we might fell into a trap! Going to lectures without having the urge to do so, playing around aimlessly.
By continuing in this wonderland, we will be gone astray from what should we do as a medical student, soon we'll realize that there's nothing we could do once we !@@$5 up big time!

So, beware my friend. This is just the beginning. Use your free time wisely. Fill it up with good things. Don't just waste your time. The war has just begun! It is too early to signal the song of victory.
haja haja hwaiting