Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mazian

Salamullah alayk.
Sorry for not updating. P merantau. Ha tajuk tu.. melbourne is one of my destination.
Actually, I wasnt planning to even go there. But, as soon as I saw AirAsia promotion, me and ayah din quickly booked it. The ticket fare? Can you believe it? Only RM684.00 return from Kuala Lumpur. An irresistable offer which we could not let it go.

So, our we took off with our flight on 4th of August 2009, 1.30pm. , flight number d2722 airasia x. It took around 8 hours to arrive in Melbourne international airport.
My first impression upon arrival is wow!. Imagine having your bag checked thoroughly and interrogated for at least 20 minutes why did I come to Australia? What the? I come in peace~ haha
Fortunately I can get through the immigration without any trouble. I soon realized that because our flight is the last one that night we arrived, so they can easily use their time to interrogate us. What a night it was. Later, we went to surau at the airport and had a sleep waiting for Subuh.

After that, we took a bus (Skybus) towards the city centre, fare $16 oneway or $26 return for adult. It took about 30 minutes to arrive at the city centre. The weather in the mornig was very cold, as it chilled right through the bone. Just kidding. Yeah, it's pretty cold at 5 centigrade.

The first thing we were looking was a place to stay. As the hotel is quite expensive we decided to stay at backpackers' hostel. The place of our choice was King Street Backpackers. There are many rates available. We opted to choose for 4 people per room. $28 per person for one night. We stayed there for two nights. So, a total fee of $112. Quite affordable I think. We checked in at about 10 in the morning. Later, I just slept until zohor.

After zohor, we went out travelling the city by foot. The weather was quite fair, not very cold.
Round and round sightseeing. I was rather shocked by the cleanliness of the city... huhu. sorry egypt. But, seriously we need to make up our mentality on this one.
Got lazy to write. See it to belive it. Pictures.

After that, got hungry. Well, after spending a day walking. It's quite difficult at first to find halal food. But, there is a street where you can find it there, I forgot. Among them are Es Teller, Nelayan, Kebab, Zam Zam. Mainly asian food. You can eat Nasi Pecel for $8.50. Delicious~
At night, sleep sleep and sleep...

I woke up for Subuh. Playing my PSP finishing Resistance : Retribution game. Then, went breakfast down below for free. After zohor again, as It's easier to pray at the hostel rather going out, went out walking to other part of the city. The Market. Yeah, here are the heaven for us tourist to buy things cheaply. A shirt for $5, keychain for $2 a dozen and many more. Got a kangaroo and koala bear for $10.

Then, we spent the day sightseeing, then waiting for someone at night. Yeah. The whole purpose of our trip, meeting with Rajaie, my brother-in-law's brother. He is studying at Monash University, just like me, studying Medicine. As this is his last year here, we want to pay him a nice and welcome visit. huhu...

He brought us with his Honda Jazz to the place where Monash U is situated. There are many campuses, as for medicine it is situated at Clayton campus. Before visiting the campus we ate nasi beriyani at some mamak restaurant there.
After touring at the campus we went back to the hostel and sleep...

Our last day at melbourne. After breakfast, we need to check out at 10 in the morning. We went out early, walking to our last part of the town centre. After this we had conquered all melbourne city centre yeah! So, today is Friday. Luckily we met an Indian guy who is a Muslim, guiding us to a specific place to perform Friday prayers. It was held at an open area at RMIT main campus.
It's rather fascinating to see all muslims across the city gathering at such place.

After that, we spent the day wandering around. When night falls, we waited at the hostel for Rajaie to come pick us up to the airport. Luckily, we can put our bag at the hostel without any charge. Very thoughtful. I recommend this hostel if you want to have a stay at melbourne.

And then, we parted with Rajaie at the airport and went back to Kuala Lumpur, our flight departed at 12.30 at midnight. What a journey that was!